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Fabric shield with activated carbon


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Quick Overview

Fabric shield- What is it?

Fabric shield preserves expensive fabrics and garments, spoiled by bugs. We store our Silk saris, kurtis, suits in closed wardrobe which are not washed often, so leaving sweat odor unattended bugs formed inside the wardrobe, due to darkness, dampness, and odor. We had come out with the option to address moisture and odor thereby eliminates the home for bugs to germinate and spread.

In Stock

In stock

Product Description


  • Made of activated carbon.
  • Packed in patented technology- paper fabric
  • Active packaging, so spill proof and suits for application
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Suits for two clothes, when placed or hung between them
  • Works for twelve months



  • Unique, due to property process content
  • Good design, blends along with your interior
  • Resources used for this Fabric shield is natural and recyclable
  • Because packed with paper hook and paper pouch
  • Recommended for clothes stored in compartments



  • Saves time, space and money in maintaining the fabrics
  • Works 24 x 7
  • It is a passive worker, so no need for power
  • Made of natural resources, so no harm for pets and human
  • Effective for 12 months, should try it.
  • In addition, the smell of chemicals employed in dry cleaning or laundering is absorbed.
  • Above all, safe and comfort for the user

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